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Immediately after you complete your booking, a confirmation e-mail/sms containing your order details is sent across to the contact details/e-mail you entered while registering. We request you to check your mail after registration.

In case if the money was deducted from your account, your bank could take 3-5 working days to credit the refund to your account. Since this time is taken by your bank, If the money is credited in our account, Ticket 9 immediately process a email regarding that. Usually it will take 2-3 business days.
Hence, we suggest you to please wait for this duration. or You may also contact your bank for any delays. or you can reach us via email support along with your transaction details.

We suggest you to use a stable internet connection while trying to register and or please try again after sometime. If you keep on getting errors, We request you to reach our customer support.

Refunds will be only initiated on the confirmation from the organizer, This may vary from event to event,
Kindly please read our refund or cancellation policy to know more.

No, But It is always advised to carry a printed copy of your ticket to the venue or you can show the ticket that you received in the mail/you can even show the PDF ( Includes payment confirmation email or PDF ticket )

If your Organizer has enabled the pay at venue option then you will be given the option to pay at the venue.

You may or may not be charged a convenience fee while checkout. This varies event to event and depends on the organizer. But most of all it would be the small mandatory taxes for every event, as the service provider need to collect.

Once your event is created., When you start setting tickets., you can accept cash, on digital ,UPI or credit/debit card payments for your event with Ticket 9. It’s a great way to keep track of on-site sales, and you can even collect contact information for your attendees and manage them in our powerful dashboard.

You can see every transaction that happening in your account with our great visibility and usability dashboard. You can easily filter you transactions on the basis of time,week, or monthly. Stop calculating your events progress every night. Your results are automatically calculated and provided to you in clear and rich graphics.

Yes, an event can be directly created by the organizer in Ticket 9 on some cases.. as Ticket 9 is a Do It Yourself event ticketing platform. Anybody who wants to host an event can create event very easily. Organizers can host a free, paid, or a virtual event on Ticket 9. Click here to request a demo on creating a event.

You can easily add discounts on your tickets on our dashboard. We have feature for creating discounts like discount code, group discount, access code, flat discount and loyalty discount. Discounts helps in improving customer loyalty. just go to the discount section of the ticketing and add a discount to an any event/category.

To make sure you get paid for your ticket sales, it’s easy to enter your payout details. After KYC verification, You can be paid by IMPS, NEFT, DPT (INR only) When using Ticket 9 Payment Processing to collect payments, your payout will start processing 2-3 days after the event ends.

Payouts on your requirements after verification :
It totally depends on your requirement. Some of the organizers want money on daily basis, some on a weekly basis and some after the event. We generally clear money on a weekly basis for reputed organizers.

When you create an event on Ticket 9, it means you have already followed our terms and conditions, cancellation policy, privacy policy.

We have a option enabled in your dashboard. You can customize your URL by your choice. Your event URL is very important for the SEO scores on google, So we request you to make a readable URL.

Yes, on some special request we will give custom payment link with maximum supported payments. You can reach us to enable this request.

You can easily issue a full or partial refund to your attendees anytime with some basic charges. Your attendees will receive their funds within 2-3 days in their account.
If you’re issuing refunds to be able to cancel your event, you must issue individual refunds as there is selected refund option which are available with us, but charges high..
Note: Refund will only be initiated when you have enough amount balance in your dashboard account.

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